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Best prices on Factory Hitch?

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Anyone have a line on a factory Hitch (new) for a good price? Getting ready to purchase one for the FX so I can sell my truck (ant tow my motorcycles with the FX)
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Only place that I can locate online is Grubbs. Not really much searching there. But I don't think it's the best deal unless it's free shipping.

Grubbs has it for $459.

Infiniti lists it as $349 MSRP and the tow harness as $99 MSRP.

Any other finds for the OEM hitch? sells the OEM hitch for $473 (and that includes the hitch, ball and harness). Not sure what the shipping cost would be.
How hard is it to install

My dealer wants 900. US Dollars. 900. For a trailer hitch. And I only want it for my bike rack.

I'd install it myself but the dealer said "It goes up and over the exhaust and it's totally custom blahblahblah..." so I wasn't about to get in over my head. I live in a condo and have very limited access to garage type tools.

Has anyone installed it themselves?
I have the Receiver Hitch for $336.25 and the harness runs $93.75.
It's definitely not a custom setup, it's just a standard OEM hitch. :)

Shipping isn't the cheapest, due to the high dimensional weight. However, we only charge what it costs to ship and don't inflate the shipping prices.
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