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The AT Check light has come on a couple of times, The manual mentions Fail safe mode. When it happens the vehicle is under "normal" driving conditions. Can someone explain what else, if any puts the car in Fail Safe mode.? Thanks

When the fail-safe operation occurs, the
next time the key is turned to the ON position,
the AT Check light will blink for approximately
8 seconds after coming on for
2 seconds. While the vehicle can be
driven under these circumstances please
note that the gears in the automatic
transmission will be locked in 4th gear
If the vehicle is driven under extreme
conditions, such as excessive wheel spinning
and subsequent hard braking, the
fail-safe system may be activated. This
will occur even if all electrical circuits are
functioning properly. In this case, turn
the ignition key OFF and wait for 3 seconds.
Then turn the key back to the ON
position. The vehicle should return to its
normal operating condition. If it does not
return to its normal operating condition,
have an INFINITI dealer check the transmission
and repair if necessary.

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I just had my transmission replaced. Maybe you have a similar problem to mine. If you have the Technology package, do you see the reverse camera activated for no reason? Otherwise, the symptom would just be that your backup lights are on but the car is not in reverse.

This is an annoying problem because you cannot use cruise control once the light comes on.

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I'm having issue with my fx, when i turn the ignition key on the A/T check light does not come on, transmission position do not show on the panel as well, what could be the problem and probable solution.
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