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Brought my '09 FX35 for some (expensive) service to fix a faulty door-open switch (turned out to be sun roof drain tubes leaking and shorting the door switch).

But then they hit me with an 8-page booklet of other items the car needed. Total estimate $6,270!

Many are things I'll do much cheaper elsewhere (changing tires, air filters, brakes, etc), but one item caught my attention as both unusual and extremely expensive:

The Air Bag Control Module needs to be replaced. I've noticed the airbag light has been flashing for several months now, so I don't dispute there's an issue, but at nearly $1,600 this is quite expensive. Plus I thought these were supposed to last the life of the vehicle. I bought this car brand new and it still has under 100K miles.

We also have a 2006 Audi A6, and the dealership just replaced our airbags for free under a recall.

So, has anyone else faced this? Should I try to fight this at all?
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