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Air bag light on

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Hey guys, My daughter has an 06 FX35, Great vehicle but having problems with the airbag light coming on. Had it to my dealer and passenger side module and control. We're looking at all options before going ahead with it. We had it in to a different mechanic and he plugged it into his scan tool and the code cleared. He cleaned all of the connectors and gave it back to me. The light came back on in about 3 weeks. I then brought it back to him to have everything replaced but as soon as he plugged it in the code would clear and he could not replicate it. Now I have to decide whether or not I should just trust Infiniti when they say it'll cost 2 grand to fix it or if there is a possibility of a wiring harness fix or something much less expensive. Thanks for any help
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Are you sure the mechanic checked all the connections? Have you checked to make sure none of the wires are crimped? It could be as simple as a bad connection to a seat harness. I remember when I had some interior work done, we forgot to plug the power seat connector in. That immediately tripped the light when we turned the car on. So if there's a loose connection, that may cause intermittent warning lights. I can't even see how the module itself would go bad.
hi guys, i got a 05 fx35 couple months ago, when i replace the battery the airbag light star flashing dealer says needs a new module and sensor, i was reading about it and i get to reset the light. one month after that i got a airbag recall letter and i took the car to the dealer , they had the job done and after 20 minutes i left the dealer the light start flashing again , i reset it 3 times and the light came back on so i took it to the dealer and they told me that i have to replace the passenger airbag module and sensor so for them i was just a coincidence than the problem happened just after the recall job they had done. any of u guys can point me on a right direction of what to do , because i dont feel like spending $2350 the dealer stimte the job . thanks in advance.
Wich conectors should b check? The ones under the seat, Also the dealer replace the passanger airbag inflator, where's located?
Sorry for bringing up this old post but I hope someone will find this post helpful.

I was also having troubles with the airbag light on my Infiniti and tried to fix the problem but I can't find the issue then I tried searching for tips om google and I saw the article from the YOUCANIC website named "Troubleshooting Infiniti Airbag Light On" their article helped me find the problem and repaired it instantly. After driving my vehicle a few minutes, the airbag light came off. I really recommend checking the YOUCANIC website.
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