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2009 FX50
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Let's try this here
Since most info in 3 forums is 4-8 years old
And we could use some activity in here

The set off point is that both of my front shocks are bleeding
2009 FX50 w/o cdc
Now I could replace them with monroe's
But it seems that with just a bit more cash and not much more effort I could get an aftermarket setup all around that "would be so much better feel than stock" as per countless opinions from 3 forums
  • I don't plan to track the car, so no need for some super top of the line baller sets, I have no one to impress but my own ass
  • Mostly highway suburban and park driving
  • I also plan to reduce rim size to minimum (18" to fit over big akebonos) and increase the tire size to maximum sensible and safe set. Worked out for me in the past plus I like the beefy look. NO spacers.
I'm in northeast and roads are quite often sh*tty

So the options that I've come across so far:
  • megan EZII series - under $800
  • BC coilovers $1000 - $1400
  • D2 coilovers $1000+

Please add:
  • more options you know of
  • your personal experience regarding options you see
  • good proven retailers
  • any deals you know of

Please have a useful point in your posts,
this is info for everyone,
Usefulness of the forum will lead to popularity, that will lead to participation, which in turn will provide more use.

Thank you,
Merry Christmas
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