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2004 Infinity FX45 with 115,000 miles

This "no start" would only happens once in a while, probably since it is always warm here in Hawaii. (Seriously. Apparently temperatures have something to do with an AC Amplifier problem in cold weather regions, but in these posts the owner can crank their engine vs. my "no start" where nothing happens when I turn the key to the start position and release.

I have not yet replaced my AC Amplifer as described in this video below, but I did clean the fuses in the box where my emergency brake is located. And there I found fuses to the BCM and AC Amplifier. So what do you know. Could a dirty fuse contact contribute to a signal problem? TBD.

Here's the how to replace your AC Amplifier video:

So I still need some more days to confirm that all I had to do is to clean a few fuses to fix my "no start" and “no crank” problem, but so far so good.

Note: When I do have a "no start" condition my starter does NOT engage at all, but a simple recycle of the key cylinder always starts the engine, and my starter is very strong and my engine always starts right away!!!

Personally, I think this no-start problem may be more Anti-theft related, but I definitely know temperature plays a roll.

The Infiniti dealer recommended I replace my starter when this “no-start” key recycle problem happened in the shop the other day. (They were changing the tranny fluids.) However, I really don't think my starter solenoid is suspect, but maybe the mechanic flagged the starter & solenoid as the problem, because there is no "click" when the key is turned. TBD.

Based on this AC Amplifier video, and the fact the symptom is related to colder temperatures, I everyone has confirmed they fixed the problem by changing out a $450 AC Amplifier, then maybe that’s the right approach?

But $450 is a lot of clams so I think you should first try cleaning your fuses (which is free) and then move on to diagnosing an Anti-Theft Antenna problem next.

I'm wondering if anyone has opened up their old AC Amplifier? Note: I have had a lot of success and saved a lot of money repairing old circuit boards. If you don't know how, then I suggest you go to a Radio-TV Repair Shop where they can probe for out of spec resistors and leaking capacitors and shorts to ground. Further, I think a failing 50 cent component may explain why some are reporting “no starts” on cold days! ... or a visual CB inspection might reveal you have a bad solder joint you can fix yourself with a solder iron for free if you know how to reflow solder? It's easy! YouTube it!
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