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Hi buds my 2012 fx 35 and started having issues on way to Tucson the other day.

First the slip light would come on for no reason intermittently.

Then the ebrake light would come on intermittently.

Now when I brake the brakes grind, usually at low speed when coming to a stop, occasionally at higher speed it does the grinding too.

It feels like there's no abs, but I haven't got an abs light nor check engine yet.

Brakes are more than 50% good and rotors are new from last brake job. They are Coated and brakes are high grade.

Thanks for listening and advice.

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Took it to dealer on Friday for inspection. Nothing reported on ABS but did report $15k worth or repairs. smh

Rear Alignment off 189.95
Front brake kit installed improperly 419.23
Coolant reservoir empty 169.95
Differential cover leaking 3672.61
Transfer case leaking needs reseal 1246.06
Left rear brake pad metal to metal 312.60
Tires 1040.00
Fog light 433.28
Blower Motor 471.28
Differential seals 2212.28
Oil pan seal 337.91
Lower control arms front 2278.90
150k mile service 1049.95
PS fulid service 105.99
Power mirror motor 1982.29

Totaling 16k and no reason for the slip lights and brake lights.

I double checked the pads before i brought the car in and the rears had at least 1/4 to half inch left. Plus that would not explain the noise while driving only when applying brakes.

About 6 months ago they put a used transmission in because they said the valve body was broken on my old one and could not get that replacement part.

They had to put 2 transmissions in because the first did not mate with the torque convertor right. After I got the car back after second transmission it leaked like a boat with a hole in it. Took it back twice they told me it was residual leaking out from the install and everything is good, now I have all these leaks, aren't they associated with the transmission? Could it be improper seals from their last job?

IDK kinda overwhelmed right now, thanks for listening.
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