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ok...I now have 27K and will hit 30K pretty soon. How much(if anyone) is 30K service running? Except oil change at dealer at 3700miiles, I change my own oil with Mobil1 @ every 5000 miles since. Should I go to dealer for 30K service( Is 30K consider a major serivce?)

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30k is pretty major. My dealer will charge $599 from what I have seen on the pricelist.

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Here is the 30k premium maintenance schedule

❏ Replace engine oil and filter
❏ Lubricate all locks/hinges
❏ Replace automatic transmission fluid
❏ Replace climate-contolled seat filter 1
❏ Replace differential oil (except I35)
❏ Replace engine air filter
❏ Replace engine coolant/flush system
❏ Replace engine drive belts
❏ Replace in-cabin microfilter
❏ Replace manual transmission oil
❏ Replace radiator cap
❏ Replace transfer case oil (AWD FX35/45,G35x)
❏ Replace wiper blades
❏ Rotate tires (except G35 coupe)
❏ Optional: flush automatic transmission (flush with ATF)
❏ Inspect the following:
__ All lights
__ Axle & suspension parts
__ Brake lines & cables
__ Brake calipers, pads, rotors
__ Cruise control vacuum hoses
__ Drive shaft boots
__ Exhaust system
__ Front suspension ball joints
__ Fuel lines/connections
__ Fuel tank vapor vent system hoses
__ Headlights/adjust if necessary
__ Propeller shaft (except I35)
__ Steering gear and linkage
__ Steering linkage ball joints
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