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I have seen someone with 23" wheels on the web somewhere. I was wondering how does is ride and what size tires is he running. A friend of mine in Taiwan is thinking about getting a FX35 and want to get 22" so now that make me want to get 23".

Any suggestions?

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The ride will be harsh as ****. There are 24" available btw.
Yeah I know there are 24" out but 1 the cost 2 the diameter of the wheel would be alot bigger than stock because there are no tires with that low of a profile would work.

FX on 23"s

My FX has 23"s and the ride is a tad bit more sporty than the stock 20"s, but not by much. There is definitly a lot more tracking of irregular roads such as uneven pavements, not because of the size of the rims but because of the width of the tires. I would wait for the 295/35/23 available soon from Nitto. It would eliminate the little rubbling I get while the steering wheel is all the way to the right. Also note, you will have to roll the right rear fender in order to clear the 305 size tires. All of the FX's on 23' and 24's I've seen (about 10 in my area) have the same problem. I bought a new tire after I rolled the fenders a 1/4" caouse the tire's sidewall got too much damage. Hope this post helps ya. :p


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Definately helps lots, I think I will just stay with 22's and tire avaliability is not that common in 23 right now in Taiwan. Like the looks of the 23 but scared of wheel damage with the road conditions.

If you ever feel like changing wheels, let me know.

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