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I've noticed some oil on the driveway for a little while with my wife's 2007 FX35. The car now has 164,000 miles on it.

The last time that I changed the oil, I thought that the leak was coming from the oil cooler housing. I've read that there is an "O" ring in there that can go bad.

We recently had the car in to the dealer because we got a 2nd recall on the passenger air bag. Apparently the 1st replacement air bag could have a problem and rip as it's deployed. Anyway, the local dealer finally got the parts in after waiting for them since November 2021!!!! we have not decided if this was a supply chain issue, laziness, or stupidity. We had to call the dealer 3 times from November to ask "do you have the parts yet for this recall?"

Anyway, upon getting the air bag replaced, we were given a list of repair suggestions. One was that we should replace the two fan belts. The other was that we have a leaking oil pan gasket. I told them that we would get back to them because I was sure that it was the O ring in the oil cooler/filter housing. The service writer said "No, it's definitely your oil pan that's leaking.

The belts don't need to be replaced - at least not for another couple years. They don't show any signs of cracks, splits, fraying, etc. They are not squealing. The oil leak is a different story. I'd like to stop the leak.

Since the oil cooler housing O ring is not that expensive, I'm thinking that I will tackle that first and see if I'm right or the dealership is right.

As I understand, the factory didn't use a gasket. They just used thick layer of RTV Silicone sealant. Getting that apart is apparently tedious so that you don't bent the oil pan.

Does anyone have any experience with oil leaks in these Nissan/Infiniti 3.5L V6 engines to know if it would be more likely to be the oil pan versus the O ring - given the age of the car and the 164,000 miles?

The Fel-Pro oil cooler O ring is less than $6.00.
The Fel-Pro oil pan gasket is less than $20.

Any recommendations?
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