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Hello everyone,

Let me start off with the back story...

I have a 2007 FX35 with Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC) and Lane Departure Warning (LDW). Last week, I noticed all needle gauges on my instrument panel were not moving and stuck in certain positions after driving for a few miles. The next morning when I checked my instrument panel, all needles went back to the off positions. I started the FX and the gauges seemed to be working fine. After a few miles, the gauges got stuck again and would sometimes go back to the off positions overnight. Even thought the FX was off and all lights in the instrument panel were off as well, I was still able to see the imprint of the digital gauges (gear position, odometer reading, and trip mileage). After doing a little research, I concluded that I could get the instrument panel fixed or I could replace it (because other owners have replaced theirs), so I decided to replace it. The part number for my original instrument panel is 8Y70D; I did not know that before I ordered the replacement - I just ordered a 07-08 FX35 instrument panel assuming they all had the same specs for the similar year models. The new part (used) came from a 2008 FX35 with the part number of 8Y70C (VIN: JNRAS08W98X208100) that seemed to not have have been equipped with ICC since the left digital display showed the gear symbol as centered and not to the far right as with the original instrument panel. After I disconnected the old instrument panel, all needles fell back to the off position and I could no longer see the imprint of the gear position or odometer mileage reading (as mentioned above). Before removing the old instrument panel, I decided to reconnect it just to see what would happen. To my surprise, the instrument panel did not light up at all and appeared to be dead except for a few indicator lights (seatbelt, brake, etc). I removed the old instrument panel, installed the used replacement instrument panel, and connected it - everything seemed to be working fine EXCEPT for the odometer reading. The odometer displayed the mileage of the old 2008 FX that it came from. In an attempt to reset the instrument panel so that it could display the true mileage of my FX, I performed a "reset" test I found via google - not sure if it was legit. The "Service Engine Soon" light flashed a few times so I assumed the test did something, but I was still without resolve. I disconnected and reconnected the battery for about 10 minutes still with no resolve. I reconnected the old instrument panel and it was still dead. I reconnected the replacement instrument panel just see if anything changed still with no resolve. Since the old instrument panel worked intermittently, I decided to reconnect it and let the vehicle sit overnight in the hope that tomorrow, it may illuminate so that I can document the actual mileage (I should have written it down before the job). I do not have high hopes of the old instrument panel working, but I will see tomorrow. Also, I feel that my instrument panel may have been going bad (unoticeably) for a while now since my tachometer reading has been a little off from what was reported via my OBD reader when I would connect it in the past (makes sense now).

1) Does anyone know a "do it yourself" solution to reset the instrument panel to display the actual mileage of the FX?
2) Has anyone ever sent off their old instrument panel to get it fixed?

Any input would be great! Thanks!!

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