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My wife likes her 13 year old FX35. It now has just a little over 160,000 miles. The ride feels too harsh to me when I drive it. You hit a bump and it feels too solid - like something is bottoming out. I think that after all of these years and miles it's time to replace the shocks and struts. Perhaps even the springs.

I'm considering KYB excel-G shocks and struts from but they don't appear to sell any springs.

I'm not sure what I will need once I start taking things apart. Is anyone familiar with this company? I've sent their customer service a question on just what mounting hardware is included with their "full set" kit.

After all of the years and miles, should all of the upper mounts and bushings just be replaced? The prince of the struts and shocks aren't too bad but if they don't come with anything, the price adds up quickly to buy 2 of everything else to mount them.

She would like the "OEM" ride so are there any suggestions for a replacement kit and where to buy it?

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