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2006 Porsche Cayenne

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So i am reading the Automobile magazine and this is what it reads...

''The Cayenne will be face-lifted early next year, prior to the second generations' arrival in 2009. Besides getting a hevily revised tail, new headlamps, and more aggressive nose, the Cayenne V-6 goes from 247 HP 3.2 Liter to a 280 HP 3.6 Liter; the S rises from 340 to 360hp; and the turbo gets 500 hp, up from 450. a 550 hp Turbo S goes on sale in early 2008"

HOLY COW they are getting the same horses as our 35s...wonder how much torque it will have...

What do yall think?

They are also working a 2008 FOUR DOOR COUPE kind of like the benz CLS
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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