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General Motors and Nissan topped all other automakers in the number of vehicles receiving the highest score in their category, according to the 2005 Total Quality Index (TQI) Awards from automotive consulting firm Strategic Vision.
More than 40,793 buyers who bought 2005 models in October and November of 2004 supplied data. "We gather comprehensive data that reflects the breadth and depth of the ownership experience, including emotions. The information is used to calculate 'Total Quality' indices. These integrated relationships between attributes and emotions mirror how people respond to their new vehicle. Those product and performance characteristics that deliver more desired emotions more strongly impact the perception of Total Quality," said Strategic Vision president Dr. Darrel Edwards.

Although no single automaker dominated the awards this year, GM and Nissan each had five vehicles at the top of their respective categories.

Several of GM's new models beat the competition from Toyota and Honda—the Pontiac G6 was listed as the top Medium Car over the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord, while the Buick Rainier was tops in the Medium SUV segment.

Nissan and its luxury Infiniti brand scored highest in several SUV segments. "The common thread in Nissan and Infiniti models is superior delivery of power, style and innovation, " said Strategic Vision vice president Daniel Gorrell, "that create a strong emotional response in new owners. The company's strongly focused product effort suggests a route struggling domestic companies might follow."

Other brands with winning vehicles included Toyota leading four segments, BMW and Ford with three each, Hyundai with two and Honda, Chrysler and Land Rover with one each.

Two new segments were added for 2005—Small Multi-Function Vehicles (MFV) and Medium Crossover. "Buyers' rational and emotional needs differ from vehicle segment to segment," said Edwards. "Psychologically, MFV buyers' emotional needs and responses to the vehicles are so different from those associated with purchases of traditional SUVs that it only made sense to create separate classes that capture those differences."

Overall, BMW scored the highest as a brand, while Nissan took top honors as best full-line corporation.

Here are the 2005 Total Quality Index winners:

Small Car (tie)
Ford Focus
Hyundai Accent
Mazda Mazda3

Small Multi-Function (tie)
Chrysler PT Cruiser
Scion xB

Medium Car
Pontiac G6

Large Car (tie)
Ford Five Hundred
Nissan Maxima

Small Specialty Under $25,000
Ford Mustang

Small Specialty Over $25,000
Chevrolet Corvette

Near-Luxury Car
BMW 3-Series

Luxury Car (tie)
BMW 5-Series
Lexus LS 430

Convertible Under $30,000
MINI Cooper Convertible

Convertible Over $30,000
Lexus SC 430

Honda Odyssey

Small SUV
Hyundai Tucson

Medium SUV
Buick Rainier

Medium Crossover
Nissan Murano

Large SUV
Nissan Armada

Near-Luxury SUV
Infiniti FX35

Luxury SUV (tie)
Land Rover Range Rover
Hummer H2
Cadillac Escalade

Compact Pickup
Toyota Tacoma

Full-Size Pickup
Nissan Titan

Heavy-Duty Pickup
GMC Sierra 2500/3500

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wow...went to the user ratings on MSN and check this one out:

"Epitome of Mediocrity"
2005 Infiniti FX35 AWD
By: Jack from Montana
Owned: Less than 1 year
Review ID: #470101
1.8 Overall Rating

2 Styling
2 Performance
2 Interior
3 Quality
1 Recommendation

"Please look at me! PLEASE" styling is good for those in the midst of a mid-life crisis and those who crave attention or feel inadequate. Design is so horrid that people just can’t help but stare!

Insipid styling and low-rent interior. Nissan's embarrassing reputation for safety. Fewer and less advanced safety features than competition. Middling power from V6 despite high on paper rating. Average handling and overly sensitive brakes. ZERO cargo space. ZERO tow capability. ZERO off-road ability.

Overall Review:
The Infiniti FX is nothing more than an overpriced and rebadged Nissan Murano. The styling is wretched and the interior looks cheap. In fact, the whole car is overwhelmingly tacky, strange looking and poorly engineered. Despite an on paper rating of 280hp, it feels more like 200 due to a peaky torque curve and zero low end power. Handling is adequate for an SUV but not in the same league as the athletic X5. The roof pillars aren't especially sturdy or thick, but their position make rearward and sideways visibility extremely poor. The Mickey Mouse AWD system left my brother stranded in his FX in barely a foot of snow on packed ice on the same roads that I easily carved my way through with the X5 in a recent storm. In the end, the FX is neither good at being an SUV or good at being a car... but a case study in mediocrity. After extensive experience with my brothers FX I can't recommend it to serious buyers. The only reason anyone would choose the FX is out of cheapness or ignorance...

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h00kemh0rns said:
The roof pillars aren't especially sturdy or thick, but their position make rearward and sideways visibility extremely poor.
Every time I see criticisms like this I have to wonder why nobody ever taught these people how to drive- you DON'T turn your head to look out of the window to change lanes if you know how to adjust your mirrors properly.

My rear (and most of my front) windows could be covered in aluminum foil and I wouldn't care less.

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He's probably tht guy that has the sign in the window that states "Don't follow me to close. I Jam on the brake."

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