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I just bought my new to me 2004 FX45 and I find my FOB (and door lock switch) SOMETIMES does NOT unlock or lock my doors, and yet I do hear the "beep" sound when I press the lock button.

Note: The unlock option is more problematic than the lock. I.e., most of the time the lock works. More often than the unlock option after I press the FOB or I press the driver's side door buttons.

...And this malfunction affects ALL doors. Therefore, I don't think this is an individual door actuator problem. Or is it?

Has anyone experienced this? And/or have your found your fob may LOCK, but not UNLOCK from time-to-time?

Note: The fob seems to work fine/normal the first time I push the button, but if I repeatedly unlock and then lock the entire system a few times in succession, then the systems to not respond to any button pushes. So what do you think my problem/solution might be?

This door actuators are really "beefy" and not like the cheap door actuators used in most cars and are made in Italy. The Infiniti door lock actuators use cables and require lubrication. (Which the dealer has done on my car.) I also live in Hawaii so it's not a matter of the extreme cold gumming-up the cable system and stressing it. This seems more BCM related, but I don't have any experience with Infinity or Nissan products. Thanks for you help!
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