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I'm running a 2004 Infiniti FX35 with 151,000 miles. I've had the car for about 10-12,000 miles and when I first bought it I knew it had a leak in the rear Engine crankshaft seal (also referred to as the rear main seal). I recently pushed my oil change to about 5.5-6k miles and lost about 4 quarts of oil during that time. I am currently debating between four options:

1. Pay someone to replace the seal (Dealership wants $1,500, my other mechanic wants $1,000, and my third mechanic wants $700)
2. Replace the seal myself (I would have to pay to rent an overhead lift, or I would have to put the car on 4 jackstands. I've never messed with transmissions before, so it would be a learning curve.)
3. Live with the leak and get oil changes every 4,000 miles and continue to monitor the oil levels in the event the leak gets worse. (I am wanting to put about $1,200 of mods into the car, so would be nice to not have a ticking time bomb after sinking that extra money into it)
4. Sell the car before the leak gets bad

I honestly would prefer to do option 2, but despite looking at a lot of the documentation from Infiniti, there's a few gaps that make it difficult to identify exactly what I need to remove in order to get to the transmission to set it on a transmission jack so I can change out the seal. So if anyone has insight into what would need to be removed and in what order in order to get to where I can replace the seal, that would be greatly appreciated.

The car is in great shape otherwise and I've been doing some restoration and upgrade work on the interior, as I found one with the same exterior and interior as mine in a junkyard recently, and I got the got for about $1200 cheaper because of the leak, so it would be really awesome if I could either ignore the leak or fix it myself/for cheap. Any input would be appreciated!
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