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Hello all I had to replace the ecu and idel air control valve on my 01 qx4 I replaced the them both and got a used ecu due to my original being fried and it was programmed to the car I’m not sure if it was done correctly because the shop I had it at kept it for 6 months and couldn’t figure out why it would run after they replaced everything well I done some code scanning and found some for the immobilizer p1610 and p1615 also one for p1320 I’m assuming these both stop the car from starting because of the immobilizer

I have since tried a couple other immobilizer with there responding keys with no luck

I have no security lights on though so am kinda confused am looking at buying a programmer to try and reprogram the immobilizer but haven’t found any that aren’t in the thousand dollar range that i can justify spending

Any help would be greatly appreciated
Thanks rob

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