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I know this has been discussed a few times, I've searched... but when it comes to offsets and things - I get nervous about changing too much and wanted some opinions.

I have a 2012 FX35 - 20" OEM Enkei Rims (20x8 +50offset) - will need to replace summer tires, but also looking to get a set of winter tires (Buffalo NY.) According to Tire Rack I can go down to 17's but I'm not sure I believe that.

Was looking at doing 18's for winter. Depending on what I can find, was looking for OEM 18's or found some off other vehicles... but 7.5" or slightly diff. offset. - same center bore 66.1 I know how to use the calculators to see how close it is - what dimensions are most crucial to keep close and which do i have a little margin of error with (or are safe to have and won't dramatically affect handling/awd)

So, for example - if I were to get rims from an EX that are 47 offset or Q50 rims at a 45 offset (8") -- or something from a maxima or etc that are 7.5"?

I appreciate any opinions/information on whats compatible/what's not - when it comes to wheels - I've never done anything aftermarket so its all greek to me.


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