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I just got the new 20" OEM Rims and tires(stock) from ndogg ct.
I'm planing to install these tomorrow.However, i have one question about the tire air pressure sensor.

When i look it up our forum, it seems that i need purchase it that true?

1) can i transfer those pressure sensor from my 18" to 20"?

2) If I have to buy those sensors much it will cost me?

3) Do you think, any tire shop can install those rims safely?...or should i go to the Infi. service?

4) If i can install these from local tireshop...which shop would you recomend?
a. Cooper Tire,
b. Discount tire direct
c. Firestone Tire & Service Center
d. Sears tire store?

I'm asking questions to you all the times...i feel bad. Yet i think this way i can learn something and later i can teach the new members :lol:

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If this is a one time event for you, I'd pay someone... whoever is cheapest, but does good work.

I swap between my OEM tires/wheels and my winter tires/wheels myself. I bought a rolling floor jack at Sam's Club for $60 and spend about an hour swapping all four.

I'd use the dealer, if you have new tires to be mounted on OEM wheels. They'll need to be balanced with the correct mahcine.
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