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...So I guess this is a common issue but I haven't seen anything quite like mine, just wanted to get some feedback from y'all.
My dashboard is all sticky on the top, it has cracks, and it has some kind of white powdery stuff which forms on it. I ended up getting the Coverlay dashboard overlay, but before installing it, I wanted to get a better understanding of that white stuff. In general, the plan is to kinda sand/buff down the dashboard before installing the overlay. I'm wondering what you guys think about using some kind of silicone or fiberglass coating before applying the overlay. All feedback and suggestions are welcome.


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I have the same problem and after much research this is what I think:

A) The coverlay option seems to be a good way to go, but it's more expensive than option "B" which I have not tried.

B) Steps to paint then smooth, then paint again.

  • Use rubbing alcohol to clean and strip the oils out of the old vinyl dash covering.
  • Fill the cracks with water solvent Alex Dap White Caulk you can get at any hardware store or HD or Lowes.
  • Tape off the dash cover where you do know want to paint.
  • Spray the dash with a vinyl "adhesion promoter".
  • Spray the dash with a filler primer and sand after it dries. Then, if you can't see the cracks underneath then follow Step "A" below. If not, then follow "Step B."
A) If you can't see any cracks then spray the dash again with a black vinyl paint and you are done.

B) If you do see cracks then you can try using a wood glazing putty over the whole dash to cover them up. This putty should dry hard and can be sanded smooth. (TBD) Ultimately, you should end up with a smooth dash you can paint.

==> I have not tried this method yet, but some day I might. So if you beat me to it, please let us know how you make out? In theory it should work. If not, then...

C) If you strike out above, then the only other option is to buy the coverlay product and glue it in place.

Please let us know how far you get and I will do the same.

Good luck.
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