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i was at the dealer this past week and took a new 05 FX45 for a spin and to check out the new features. here is my thoughts as an original '03 owner of a 35

(1) Suspension : this was acutally very noticable to me. much more compliant than the 03 yet in corners it seemed to do very well. in fact, just as good as my car. the only thing i can think of is that my tires are so worn that all it takes is a new set to override the softness of the suspension.

(2) Stamped Aluminum : at first glance, i cant stand this.....but then i looked at it in the light, and this stuff is actually etched (i.e. its not a grpahic on it to give it that look). if you get up really close, this stuff is an amazing "weave" effect....its actually very impressive.

(3) Seats : past the obvious looks (i.e.. the perf and the split cushion), the leather has less of a "soft" feel (i.e.. more like the firm leather in my co-workers audi)....still not as frim as the audi, but it seems like it MAY be less prone to bubbling just due to the thickness of it.

(4) Headlamp glass : looks great on black and fact i think it looks better on white than black....all the other colors, im not sure about.

(5) Taillamps : same comment as above although i think these look ok on gray and DG and platinum too.

(6) Chromies : ONLY ON WHITE and BLACK! :lol:
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