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2005 FX45 120K miles
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Maybe you fixed your problem? Did you have any other symptoms before your engine just quit? ...I mean an engine normally just does not quit. And usuallly a bad crank sensor cause a hard-start problem before you get to the point of a no-start problem. So if you can explain the conditions leading up to this problem that would be helpful, because a shorted alternator can drain the battery down so low that the ECM just quits. So don't overlook your chargine system... or even a SHORTED BATTERY!!!

Here's just a few thoughts if you still are looking for options:

If you starter engages, but the engine will not start, I suppose it's possible the CPS might be at fault.

Any cheap OBD2 scan device should pick up a code if you have a CPS/CKP "hard" failure.

Note; This sensor is accessed by getting under the car and then removing the bottom skid-covers on the passenger side. ...And you will see it bolted into the side of the bell housing in front of the transmission.

Note: The CPS sensor is NOT the lower engine sensor bolted to the front of the engine , but it is the same part number. I just replaced my CPS. (Hitachi CPS007 is the OEM part number.)

What I don't know is this: Let's say you don't have a scan device and you want to confirm if your CPS/CKP sensor is bad? ...Well, I wonder what would happen if you swapped the sensor in the front of the engine with the presumed bad sensor under the engine? ...I wonder if the engine will start, but run rough. If so, then you know you need to replace it.

Note: Some other mechanic told me the Crank sensor goes out first, because the crank spins twice as fast as the valve sensors.
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