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'03 FX 35. One owner. Bought @ 154k for $3950.00. Now 157k. Always serviced at an Infiniti dealership. Passed multipoint inspection there after I purchased it.

Monday # 2 cylinder misfired. Rough idle, hard to accelerate. Afraid it would cut off. Tried Metro Nissan-Dallas. Code P0302. Reccomend replacing all coils and spark plugs. $550.00 labor, but didn't have the parts price and didn't know what day parts would arrive. Let me sit waiting since 7:30 AM now 10:30 AM. Told them I needed to wait for it. Now I'm hot.

To his credit service advisor waived $150.00 diagnostic, wrote the code down, and suggested I call Sewell Infiniti- Dallas ASAP and ask if they had coils and plugs. They did. Told me to drive over now.

I did. Gave the code from Metro. Sewell verified code. Verified coil and spark plug replacement. Added replacement of negative battery terminal and cleaning cable grounds. Drum roll please...............

LABOR $1470.96
PARTS $755.96
TOTAL $2236.86
TAX $121.35
PAID. $2348.21

Guess I don't feel so bad because they said the coils were original and have usually been replaced at my mileage.

Bought it with new Continental Tires and struts at all four corners. All rotors are fine. Front and rear pads are 3mm.
Quoted $881.10 to replace the pads and service the brake system. Fell under May Need Future Attention Yellow service category.

Said valve covers are leaking although I smell nothing and driveway is dry. Said gaskets need replacing but note VALVE COVERS MAY BE DAMAGED DURING REMOVAL DUE TO HIGH MILEAGE AND AGE. Quote $859.45. Same Attention category as above.

Two questions:

1. Shouldn't I be able to have my brake system checked and all pads replaced at a national brake repair facility for less than $881.10?

2. Has anyone had their valve cover gaskets replaced? At what cost? Were they damaged by a dealer service department during the replacement? Aren't they at the top of the block and made of metal?

3. I mentioned to Metro Nissan that the drivers seat rocked back and forth on acceleration sometimes. Ive read this complaint from other members. They told me the seat would have to be replaced. I'm thinking maybe the bolts need to be tightened or gaskets need replacement. All controls on the seat operate as intended.

If I'd paid everything it would have been over $4000.00 including the $37.16 they wanted to charge me for replacing the dome light bulb behind the moonroof. I think I can YouTube that

Sewell was great. They adjusted my passenger side headlight for free. They replaced the batteries in both my remotes for free. I've owned and repaired many 60's-70's cars, but am not a modern car mechanic.

Any information/reccomendations will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you fellow FX ers.

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Did you know that you can purchase from Infiniti dealerships online and pay much less for parts?
Also if you or someone you know is mechanically inclined, you could save yourself quite a lot of cash.
I'm a newbie to Infiniti ownership, I purchased a 2007 FX35 AWD Base Sport from Copart in Tucson AZ.
There's only been 1 thing that happened to me to call a professional and that was a Locksmith. My cars battery went dead, for to long and lost the key code. That's it. Everything else I've completed on my own mechanically. I recently got it back from a body shop where it was reassembled and the new parts were painted.
Checkout the pictures.


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