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  1. 2005 FX35 radio problems

    Audio / Video / Navigation / Electronics
    What’s up friends?! Bose system/no navigation. My 05 fx35’s radio stopped working and I can’t get the code from Infiniti unless I pay $200.00! Here s what I see when I press mute and turn the volume knob. NETWORK RADIO NG No power to radio AC/fan functions still work Does not say locked out...
  2. De to hr swap

    Engine Modifications
    I’m trying to do an hr swap in my 06 fx35 I just want to know what I will need. I don’t care how hard it is or how I should just rb or 2j swap it because the hr is my holy grail. Ik I need a harness and ecu but Ik there’s a a way to bypass all of that and I’m all for the head ache and labor it...
  3. What is best replacement option for 2006 FX35 sunroof?

    Internal and External
    My sunroof started giving me problems over a year ago when it got stuck open. Took it to a dealer - they said it's the motor, and must replace motor assembly: $1200. I said no thanks and got them to shut the roof. Then I hit the switch accidentally and it opened again and stuck. This time I got...

    Hello. I have a INFINITI FX35(2006). I want buy aux bluetooth converter. Seller is want radio model. What is this? What is your thinks? Thanks.
  5. Cumulomagnus 06 FX35

    Cumulomagnus 06 FX35