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  1. Blown Eibach Spring

    Suspension, Brakes, Tires, and Rims
    Hey everybody, it's been some time since I visited. Thought I'd pop in and let everyone know what just happened. After almost 70k miles, I had an Eibach front spring break and go through my tire. Fortunately, it happened while backing out of the garage...somehow. And, not while doing some...
  2. 20HP due to the fan and clutch?!

    VK45DE (FX45)
    I just spoke with Conrad - BrnJug. Called him because he passed me on the road, turns out it was his son. Asked to me let everyone know that this mod really works and there is no overheating.
  3. Impul 380HP 5.1 L VK45DE

    VK45DE (FX45)
    Nice job Jug! (Yeah, I know voice from the past....been a busy year)
  4. New Baby '08 Tundra CrewMax

    All Other Rides
    And 0-60 in 6.7 secs and 15.3 sec for the quarter mile!!
  5. OT - Driving out of town tomorrow

    General Chat
    Once you get 10 miles past 287 on hwy 80 it will be wide open all the way.
  6. Throaty/deep muffler - Flowmaster Video Clip!

    VQ35DE (FX35)
    Just did a quick search and the clip I posted is still up on google video 18 months later from the day I had mine installed: ... 8630743893

    pg13 of this thread, ... &start=300 , has a good photo of the adjustment hole.
  8. What's the best leather cleaner/conditioner?

    I agree as well Wireboltman. My kids do not walk on the seats, but on long trips, even short ones, I allow the snacks and drinks rather than waiting for them to eat them wherever we are. The feet on the backs of the seats is a tough one, that's where the car seat forces them to go. Back on...
  9. Help! front bearing part #?

    1st Gen (2003-2008)
    Just had mine replaced this week under warranty at 56k, would have asked if I had seen this 48hrs earlier.
  10. Philly Area-WC Infiniti Meet 7/28

    Looks like I'm officially out. I have to pick up my wife's nephew at the corner of 476/80 at noon....ugh.
  11. Philly Area-WC Infiniti Meet 7/28

    Meets a picnic for 100 on Sunday that I found out about last weekend. I really want to make it just so Conrad can get some revenge.
  12. Installation of the Escutcheon

    1st Gen
    Now I will feel old. Back in the old days every car had two keys, one for the door one for the ignition.
  13. Fog light replacement - O MY GOD

    Turns out $340 included parts and they wouldn't pass it for state inspections, so I just had them do it. I figured by the time I ordered the part and spent 4 hours installing it myself, it was cheaper for them to do it.
  14. Fog light replacement - O MY GOD

    Wow, my dealer just quoted me $340 in labor to do it, not sure what the broken lense was going to cost. Light still works, so I'm leaving it alone.
  15. Side Mirror Loosened Anyone?

    1st Gen (2003-2008)
    Screws and threads are still there, but complete housing is in the backseat.
  16. Side Mirror Loosened Anyone?

    1st Gen (2003-2008)
    A few weeks after the dealer tightened it, it became loose again. I called the dealer to get it retightened, while holding for service, the mirror fell off! The mirror bounced along the side of the car, being held on by the wires, until I could get pulled off the hwy. I was able to pull it...
  17. Side Mirror Loosened Anyone?

    1st Gen (2003-2008)
    Last week my wife noticed the passenger side mirror was loose and about to fall off. No damage anywhere on the mirror or explanation as to how it could have happened. Dealer tightened the two screws holding it on in about 5 minutes. They had never seen it either. The service manager jokingly...
  18. Philly Area-WC Infiniti Meet 7/28

    I must have gotten the "friend of Conrad's" deal. This was not a Meet, I just called as I was driving past and they said "come on in".
  19. Philly Area-WC Infiniti Meet 7/28

    He charged me $50 when I stopped into have it done, but that may have been the writer.
  20. i have the TS Flash & +2...should i CAI the 45 as well??

    VK45DE (FX45)
    Yes, but it is for the LMS. I just "leveraged" Wasa's design and made it out of a 1/4" sheet of pvc plastic. Still works well, but someday I need to get the flash done to achieve a richer fuel mix. I believe the link to the thread is still on my signature.
1-20 of 494 Results