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  1. Headlight lens cover faded?

    Using toothpaste, polish or compound will clear it up, but the oxidation will return unless you properly seal it. I recently went through this on my mom's 1st gen (used MG Compound/Polish), and sealed the headlights using CG's Jet Seal. We'll see how long it remains clear.
  2. Transmission, Differentials, and Transfer Case Fluid Change

    VQ35DE (FX35)
    Our AWD FX35 now has 124K, and unfortunately we haven't changed any of the fluids mentioned in this thread. The plan was to replace the TC, FD and RD fluids until I came across the post across. We're not experiencing any issues, but figured it was time to give it some much needed love. Has...
  3. Used Y-pipe

    For Sale
    Unfortunately I can't PM you because I haven't met the minimum post count.
  4. Used Y-pipe

    For Sale
    Were these for a RWD or AWD FX35?
1-4 of 4 Results