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  1. Soft brake pedal?

    Suspension, Brakes, Tires, and Rims
    It's a brake system thing. I believe both the brake booster is a bit small and the brakes on the FX is not really that good for its weight (in terms of feel). You can do a couple of things: 1) Get steel brake lines (Seach for Stoptech steel lines). This will improve the softness when the pedal...

    VQ35DE (FX35)
    Short answer: nope edit: oopss... :oops: sorry, I read it as "hood".. yup, it'll fit just fine :D
  3. 2009 Infiniti Fx Pics Only!!!

    So will you rename this thread after the 2010s come up? :D
  4. best MPG mods for 07 fx35

    VQ35DE (FX35)
    Lowering is probably one of the only mods that'll give you a relatively minor (1-2 mpg) boost especially if you're regularly taking the highway. It won't give you anything in city driving though..
  5. Eibach spring just snapped

    Suspension, Brakes, Tires, and Rims
    I think that's possible over time.. It'd start with a small crack. Add rust, water and salt and voila you got a nice crack in your springs.. Weird thing is that I don't see any peeling on the pic above.. Is it because it's covered with rust?
  6. Shell V Power w/ nitrogen??

    General Chat
    Two reasons it won't work and would actually cost you more: 1) Nitrogen is not combustible. When it gets into the engine, it'll only occupy space, nothing more. It'll also occupy space during pumping which is why there's a #2: 2) Nitrogen is a gas and it's only available in liquid form way...
  7. FX50 Sport Brake Retro-Fit *WAITING LIST*

    Group Buys
    The latest I looked they were getting sold around $2700-$3000 just for the fronts.
  8. 2009 FX50S for sale!

    General Chat
    You're a sales consultant at Infiniti and don't know asking price? :D
  9. Audi Q5 vs FX

    All Other Rides
    If only they offered the 2.0L turbo engine. Flash it & it'll kick out a good 300 hp at the crank with a lighter load.. Shame Audi only uses it on the TT and A4.
  10. iphone help

    Audio / Video / Navigation / Electronics
    You can use Nissan iPod gateway, no need to go for the 3.5mm jack. Did you see this? viewtopic.php?f=5&t=10359 I've been using the front kit from for about 2 years now. Works with the iPhone 3G as well (if you use an adapter for charging such as this...
  11. Any 350z owners here? looking for advice please

    All Other Rides
    I agree that the Japanese are more reliable but then you're left with - Honda (riccee or boring) - Acura (luxury, boring, recently fugly rice) - Toyota (they even fcked up and discontinued the Supra, what else to say) - Lexus (good components, good interior, boring desing, boring engines...
  12. Any 350z owners here? looking for advice please

    All Other Rides
    If both price & practicality is the chocie: Get a Subie STi Wagon, mod it If price is the choice but relative practicality is fine: Get a prev gen Audi TT 225, mod it Why don't you keep the FX, btw? It'll be both cheaper & more practical than any..
  13. Any 350z owners here? looking for advice please

    All Other Rides
    1) Have to agree 100% on Steve's comment plus more.. I rented (or attemped to rent) a 350Z last year in San Diego and I couldn't fit out SINGLE hard shell suitcase. 2) I rented one this year in San Francisco and the interior sucked big time. Going from your FX, you'll feel like you're in a box...
  14. Are the internals a must to replace if installing stillen sc

    Forced Induction
    Turbo lag is literally gone nowadays but still there's a catch with the sc setups. They either: a) Put out relatively small gains at the low range and increase as the rpms increase (Vortech, ATI and HKS I believe) b) Put out gobs of torque at the lower range and lose breath at the higher rpms...
  15. Blown Eibach Spring

    Suspension, Brakes, Tires, and Rims
    snow + salt + eibach = BAM! :?
  16. Exhaust comparisons?

    VQ35DE (FX35)
    Nice!! :thumbup: :thumbup:
  17. Ugly Antenna HELP!

    Internal and External
    Ray did an Audi antenna but IMO any antenna over there won't look good. I think it's more of the antennas location than it's style/shape.. Some also have cut that antenna to shorten it.
  18. NEW PRODUCT ~ UTR Full Length POLISHED Intake Tube

    VQ35DE (FX35)
    Two accordion couplers come with the tube and both work perfectly. I wanted to go with a silicone coupler and I thought a 3" long coupler would be too short so bought a longer silicone hose.. Ended up rolling that hose around the tube. Personally I like it better now but it looks weird
  19. KYB struts for sale at TIRE RACK

    Suspension, Brakes, Tires, and Rims
    I have KYBs and H&Rs. It'll be the same cost about the spring install. In my case, they charged 2.5-3 hrs for all corners but you might find cheaper places. I believe they use the original boot and there're no issues in installing them. Here are the part numbers for them (taken from Jeff's...
  20. iPhone 3G, s-video, navtv, universal dock

    Audio / Video / Navigation / Electronics
    yup, I read up about that. I think the problem is that Apple started to use an authentication method for accessories. That "made for ipod" thing actually checks for a chip in the accessory (like an AV cable). Apple component cables has this, as far as I read from other forums.. What I'll try is...
1-20 of 485 Results