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Are you new to our forum? Post up and introduction to yourself , and meet new members in this section.
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General Chat

Hang out here and talk about whatever. On topic or off topic.
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Post pictures of your FX here.
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Posts that involve detailing the Interior and Exterior of the FX.
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How Tos

Well written threads or links to well done webpages. Moderators will move threads here.
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Internal and External

Post internal and external modifications that make the FX look different than stock (seats, paint, tint, trim).
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Towing with the FX

Post towing related topic here.
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Suspension, Brakes, Tires, and Rims

Post modifications to the suspension, tires, rims, springs, shocks, or swaybars.
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Forced Induction

Posts that involve FI modification for the FX
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Engine Modifications

Top level for engine modifications of all FX engines.
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Audio / Video / Navigation / Electronics

Post topics that are related to the audio, video, navigation, alarm systems, intelligent key, key fob and other electrical systems.
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Post topics on headlights, tail lights, foglights and all other interior and exterior lighting here.
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Problems And Questions Under this Category, please post your specific questions or problems your having under the appropriate sections.

Interior and Exterior

Interior and Exterior issues and problems
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Suspension, Brakes, Tires, and Rim Problems

Problems about things that make you go and stop belong here
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Engine and Drivetrain Problems

Engine and Drivetrain issues and problems with your FX
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Post items here that you are looking for. Hopefully someone has what you want. Posts deleted 60 days after last post.
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For Sale

Post items you want to sell here. Non-commercial. FXer to FXer only. Posts will be deleted 60 days after last post.
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Vendor Deals

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Off Topic Section

Off Topic

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All Other Rides

Talk here about all other vehicles you have. Non-FX related.
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Regional Meets & Clubs


Infiniti / FX meets and get togethers.
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Place for regioanl meets, dealerships info and other information that pertains to a certain state or region. This section is not for general chat or for sale items.
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  1. New Member Introductions
    Just picked up a 2005 AWD model with 90k km (~55k mi.). Pretty good overall condition except for the bubble dash. Have already read through a few posts about this and options but more to research. Loved the G35/37 back in the day to happy to pick this up. My first car in about 10 years...
  2. I really enjoy our '06 FX45, but we use it like a truck. I tow trailers and kids w/luggage all the tine. I am at about 115k miles, no issues yet. I have been considering getting a new or one year old FX50s to replace our current FX. I was curious who had done it and if they had any...
  3. Greetings to all. Attaching my message to this post. Need to move my car from California to Washington. Could you help me with a recommendation, reliable and trusted trucking company. Maybe someone this year has used some companies, preferably with good reviews and prices. Thank you in advance...
  4. I am replacing all of the original rear end bushings on my "05 FX45 (204K miles) with polyurethane bushings. This includes the subframe bushings, inner control arm bushings, trailing arm bushings, and the three hub mount bushings per side. However, I am unable to locate any lower control arm...
  5. Hello FXers, I have no clue in how to remove the strut rod for the lift gate from the anchor. Any ideas, techniques, or tools needed to remove the strut rod cup from the ball? Thanks!
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