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Originally Posted by kahlilj View Post
Never had nor heard of this situation before, but thanks for returning to post the remedy/followup! I've seen several threads on here where a problem was posted, but no answer was posted. Worse, I've seen some where a problem was posted and the OP returned to say the problem was fixed, but didn't share the solution. smh Glad your problem is fixed and you shared what you did.
I've benefited (saved) a lot from motorcycle and car specific forums over the past 15 yrs or so and that bugs me too. Especially problems that had to get fixed somehow by someone, ya know?

Originally Posted by lcsighte View Post
What did you mean by unfixable horn....? I currently have a non-working horn and have planned to take it for repair next week. Does it mean you have tried to fix it without any solution? Mind you, the horn works when i lock the car but doesn't work on the steering wheel. I have searched all over for the solution but everyone i know had this problem never came back to post the fix.
My horn is dead no matter what. No alarm beep and nothing on the wheel. I can put in a 30a fuse and it will honk for 1/2 sec before blowing what should be a 10 or 15a fuse with both alarm or honk. When I get a chance I'm going to take apart the wheel and column as far as regular tools will let me.
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