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Originally Posted by Jeffro View Post
no clue exactly what did it 1. ran a jumper cable between the neg terminal to a large ground outside that car and unhooked the + cable. 2. slowcharged the 3 month old "super premium" Interstate battery overnight with the cables off. 3. After reconnecting the battery I reset all my trip/service/oil counters. One week and the display hasn't started flashing after the car is off anymore. Which is good because next I was planning on taking every fuse and relay out and putting them back in.
Never had nor heard of this situation before, but thanks for returning to post the remedy/followup! I've seen several threads on here where a problem was posted, but no answer was posted. Worse, I've seen some where a problem was posted and the OP returned to say the problem was fixed, but didn't share the solution. smh Glad your problem is fixed and you shared what you did.
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