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GPS/Radio display flashing w/ig off

Since I've owned my 08 fx35 my issues have been minor. Unfixable horn short and cruise control doesn't work with ACC. Tire sensor stays on after a flat this winter. It's tolerable.

Now at 130k there's one I've searched everywhere for and can't find anyone who's had or seen this on any Nissan or Infiniti cars. After I turn the car off, the gps/radio control screen begins flashing on and off with whatever was on screen last. Car still locks, unlocks and starts fine. I disconnected the battery overnight, tried turning the ignition on and off with the key in and jiggled every wire harness I can reach under the dash and hood. Right now I just disconnect the battery at night.

edit to add, and I live 60 miles from a qualified mechanic so I've always done all my own repairs.

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