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Re: Bad Rear Suspension Member - 2003 FX AWD - Help!

You are right it is the crossmember (#16) that needs to be replaced... the damaged part on mine is the liquid filled bushing that is located in the middle of the crossmember - thankfully not the 4 bushings that hold the crossmember to the car. If you drew a line from the end of the arrow below #16 to the right the same length as that arrow and then down the same distance you will see the bushing on the diagram. The differential mounts to the crossmember at that spot. The bushing is not servicable and the whole crossmember would need to be changed.

If there is someone out there that is enterprising who could develop a bolt on bushing they probably would be able to sell quite a few of them as it sounds like this part fails fairly often... If the part was $250 and required an hour to install it would be a no-brainer! In looking at the failed part from under the car it looks like it would be easy to create a bolt on application that could simply bolt on to the rear of the crossmember with a bushing attached to it with a rod attached to the center of the bushing which could slide into the center of the differential mounting rod (which is hollow).

If any of the machine shops are interested in discussing please let me know...

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