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Bad Rear Suspension Member - 2003 FX AWD - Help!

I was just told that my 2003 FX35 AWD which has 110K miles on it needs a new Rear Suspension Member - which is roughly a $700 part that requires $1,400 of labor to replace. Apparently the bushing, which is filled with fluid, is leaking and they advise that the whole assembly needs to be changed. Great egineering on Infiniti's part.

If I don't fix it soon they say that a bunch of other things could get damaged.

Has anyone come across this? Is it true that the bushing can not be fixed?

I have a crazy idea - which is really crazy as I have not viewed the damaged part - and I am wondering if anyone thinks that it will work or if anyone else has a quick inexpensive suggestion. I would attempt to completely replace it myself except I do not have access to a lift.

My Micky-Mouse solution is to drill two (or more) holes in the bushing - one in the 12 o'clock position and one in the 6 o'clock position and then blow all of the fluid out with an air compressor and then fill the bushing with some sort of rubbery composite or silicone that would dry firmly.

Any thoughts on (a) if this would/could work and (b) what material I could use to fill it with.

If it doesn't work I would simply be in the same boat that I am in now - being in need of replacing the thing...

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