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Re: Peripheral Electronics PXAMG IPOD Adapter?

I just finished installing a PXAMG in my 2006 FX35. It was very simple -- just take out the radio and plug in the wiring harness. The hardest part was just getting the connectors loose from the radio.

As far as functionality, everything works, including the factory XM radio. Just for the heck of it, I even tried the steering wheel controls, and guess what? That works too! Sort of. You have to hold the button for about two seconds for it to register, otherwise it kicks you into the radio presets. Two seconds per button press is basically useless, but I wasn't expecting steering wheel controls anyway.

As for the regular controls, the bad news is you can't scroll with the jog dial or tuning knob, you have to repeatedly press the seek buttons. Not too practical if you have a lot of songs, but works ok with playlists. However, there's an easily accessed auxiliary mode that allows control from the iPod clickwheel. In this mode it doesn't display text on the radio display, however if you switch back to the normal iPod mode it will continue using the selections you made while in aux mode, and will display the text.

Random song & random album modes are directly invoked with the scan button. The track button advances to the next random song in random song mode, or to the next sequential song in all other modes.

As far as I can tell, there's no fast forward capability.

Display button pages through multiple display options: song only; artist only; and artist, album, and song. Track # is also displayed. In the GPS screen, it only displays the track #. Track number is actually displayed as a satellite channel number, e.g. "XM chan003".

There's an Aux2 mode that selects a generic auxiliary input with included 3.5mm headphone plug and RCA connectors. There's also an optional HD radio that can be controlled through this input.

Sound quality is excellent, and price was a reasonable $139 including shipping.

2006 Ivory Pearl FX35 AWD, PXAMG iPod, NI35 Nav mod, RAAMMAT, Polk & CDT Audio speakers
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